4 Tips on how to select the best self-defense flashlight


Safety is one of the most considered aspects of day to day living. It is always better to be safe than sorry. In ensuring that you are safe, it is recommended that you should learn how to use any kind of an item for the purpose of self defense. There has been a notion that you need to learn martial arts in order to enhance your self-defense techniques.

However, this is not always the case. There are many items surrounding us that can turn to be security weapons, as much as they may not harm the attacker, they will scare them aware or even attract other people who may be of help. Some of these tools are; pepper gun, a stun gun, a flashlight, etc. In this article, we discuss on the best ways to choose a good self-defense flashlight. Below are some considerations that you can make before settling on a given flashlight.

A. The grip.

Under normal circumstances, the grip of a torch or a flashlight may not be of a great impact and it may not really test the strength of your grip. However, when you are hitting something, that’s when you need to have a good grip. This is the case for self-defense. When buy a flashlight specifically for self defense, grip is an important aspect. Ensure that it has brittle lining so that it cannot easily slip from your hands when you are hitting something. The diameter of the grip should also fit the size of your hands well. If need be, you can go for a smaller flashlight that will enable you to engulf the handle otherwise it is very possible for it to slip off your hands.

B. The available weaponry features.

A flashlight for self defense has special features that are specifically designed to act like a weapon. For instance, a flashlight may have spikes, electric currents, hooks, etc. A flashlight with spikes enables you to jab and cause pain and damage on both directions. You can also get a stun gun flashlight that act like a wielding weapon as well as emission of electric currents.

C. The weight of the flashlight.

Weight is an imperative consideration to make as you need a tool that is light in a way that you are able to maneuver fast in any direction. I as much as it is a light object, it needs to be heavy enough to instill pain and/or damage. In such a situation the strength of your arm plays an important role. Look out for a flashlight that is heavier at the top and light at the bottom or the handling area.

D. The design and material of the flashlight.

You should, by all means, avoid plastic. Getting a flashlight that is made from metal or an aluminum alloy ensures that it is strong enough to cause damage on the attacker. You need something that will stay intact during a fight. The length of the flashlight also matters. It is recommended that you should have a longer distance unless you are well trained in short range weapons.

Whatever your flashlight choice is, you need to properly practice on how to best use them.

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