6ft 7in Man Banned from driving after Driving Small Car with the Roof Down


Adam Elliot, 26, has been banned from driving for driving a car that was too small for him.

Elliot is 6ft 7in, and proved to be a distraction for motorists while driving a convertible Ford Ka with the roof down.  His head was above the windscreen.

He was stopped by Northumbria Police while crossing the Tyne Bridge while driving into Newcastle.  He was travelling from nearby Gateshead.

At first police thought he was standing up at the wheel but when he got out of the car they realised he was too tall for the car.  He was delivering the car to a customer at the time.

This is exactly what he told Newcastle Crown Court.

He did admit to dangerous driving on the journey, based on the fact that he was showing off.  His behaviour was caught on CCTV where it is clear he was a distraction to other drivers.

Robert Adams, judge said, “You have very sensibly pleaded guilty today. I have seen the photos and heard the circumstances in which you were stopped.  It is pretty obvious you were showing off, demonstrating your height in an open-topped small vehicle.

“You were clearly distracting other drivers and that was a dangerous thing to do.”

Driving Ban for Elliot

The judge imposed a driving ban on Elliot which remains in place until he comes back to court for sentencing at the end of February.

After the hearing, Mr Elliot denied standing up at the wheel and pointed out his height just made it look like he was standing up.  He went on to say that there was nothing he could do about his height and that he was an excellent driver.

He also added that he pleaded guilty after taking legal advice and that his business was buying and selling cars.

At a previous hearing, he said he was in control of the vehicle at all times.

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