Therapeutic Gardens and Edible Gardens

Gardens have always been a balm space for the soul. It is impossible not to calm down before the look of the plants, the aroma of the flowers. Now, these characteristics are beginning to be used in favor of sick people or those just looking for a quiet moment.

In the United States and Europe, the tendency to create so-called therapeutic gardens grows. They are built outdoors or in atriums, in hospital solariums and in public places, to be frequented by the general population.

Children’s Hospital of Ireland
Combined with birdsong and the sound of running water, they awaken vision, hearing and smell, causing what experts call positive distraction. The idea of ​​creating these areas arose from the observation that physical and mental health is influenced by aspects of the physical environment, such as natural light, space or sound.

The balanced combination of pharmacological, behavioral and environmental therapies is effective in improving the health of patients and the elderly.

The implementation of green spaces in hospitals humanizes an environment generally associated with coldness, sterility, and even hostility towards patients.

Gardens are very useful in the treatment of children temporarily disabled by accident, surgery, psychological trauma or those with mental, sensory and physical disabilities.

Direct contact with nature is able to help in the recovery of illnesses, stimulating the person’s will to live and fight. Called Garden Therapy, or Hortoterapia, an effective adjunct to conventional treatments. The technique combines plant culture and active and passive gardening (contemplation). Hortotherapy has been used in correctional facilities, in cases of chemical or food dependence, physical therapy, mental illness, in the treatment of the elderly and senile patients, as well as among children with special needs or not.

For the elderly, gardening has an extraordinary effect, as it stimulates action and exercises hand-eye coordination, improves fine motor skills, helping in the abstraction of obsessive thinking about loss of strength and health. The result is that they feel not only useful and productive, but less sad and lonely.

In chronic, degenerative or invalidating diseases. When the response to medication is unsatisfactory, therapy makes life more pleasant: even if the patient does not heal, he will feel better, more relaxed.

The therapy can also have a preventive action because outdoor activities require use of the muscles and brain, exposure to the benefits of the sun and fresh air. Thus, it is a good alternative against typical diseases of the city: Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and cancer.

Often, a person gets sick because he feels dissatisfied with his own life and wants to find a miraculous, quick and effective cure that does not exist. Without effort and work, he seeks the miraculous, fast and effective cure that does not exist. Without constant effort and work you can get nowhere. We all need to take care of our recovery, because the equation therapy = medicine is not always so valid, a small change in the landscape is good, not only for the soul but for the pocket and for the environment as well.

The concern with a healthy diet intensifies as science shows that this is the key to long life, and to the prevention of diseases. A campaign has been gaining momentum in the United States, and its poster girl is the first lady, Michelle Obama, who is encouraging people so that instead of just using water and manure with ornamental gardens, why not apply them in the cultivation of foods? These are edible gardens or edible gardens – a more refined name for the well-known vegetable garden.

Oregon Burn Center Garden, Legacy Health
The big challenge is to make this trend come to stay not only in the United States, Brazil, but worldwide.

Spoon fresh seasoning to make dinner. Pick an orange on your foot and taste the natural juice. These practices, common only in the Interior, are closer than we think. Inspired by this trend, some companies have spread the idea in the real estate market.

Landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx, in the midst of his works of art, liked to grow plants that could also be seen later on in the dishes.

Anyone can adopt the concept and have it in a vase with parsley, chives and even basil. The result? Fresh and tastier spices.

The use of small urban spaces for the cultivation of edible gardens brings benefits to everyone who will share a pleasant and beautiful living space and the production of food and herbs for teas and spices.

As not everyone today has space in the yard to plant, there is the possibility of having a small edible garden in containers, you can enjoy a lot that you have at home, just use your creativity! It is not improvisation, it is a high productivity method proven by farmers. The basic requirement is that the location has a few hours of sunshine a day.

Garden Technology Overview

Even a small plot of land requires care. Cutting the grass, processing the trees, preparing the land for planting – all this takes precious time. And so it turns out that in the country we work more than relax. Yes, in the end, the site looks great, but we don’t have time to enjoy it – there’s so much more to do when they finally take up …

Gardening equipment can simplify maintenance work on the garden and the garden, and as a result, save time. Your site will look just as wonderful, but at the same time, you will have free minutes in which you can sit in the gazebo, have tea, swim in the pool or go to the river, lie in a hammock, and much more. Gardening equipment can become a faithful assistant for any gardener.

What exactly are the aggregates of the term “gardening equipment”?

Today, in the days of the development of technological progress, technology has penetrated into all spheres of human activity. Caring for the garden is no exception. Over the past 20 years, a lot of different devices for working on a personal plot have appeared on the Russian market. Consider the main ones – those that are recommended for each gardener.

Cultivators. Perhaps, let’s start with them, since soil-related work is labor-intensive. In most cases, cultivators are simple and lightweight (no more than 50 kg) gardening machines designed for creating beds, cultivating and cultivating. Also on the market are manual mini-cultivators that allow earthworks in greenhouses and greenhouses with limited space.

Distinguish cultivatorsgasoline and electric . Each species has its advantages and disadvantages. Electrical are more economical and environmentally friendly, but are characterized by the presence of wire and the insecurity of electric current. Gasoline cultivators are somewhat more complicated than electric ones, for them you need to buy oil and gasoline, but they are not tied to an electrical outlet.


Motoblocks , in comparison with cultivators, are more complex devices with the ability to attach attachments. In addition to the work carried out by cultivators, walk-behind tractors allow you to mow grass, dig up potatoes, level the soil, remove snow, pump water (for example, to fill containers or irrigation) and even carry goods. Naturally, they cost more, but if you need a versatile machine that can perform the most complex work of caring for the site, then walk-behind tractors are best suited. They differ in weight and power. Motoblocks are mainly produced with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines and can have several speeds.

Verticutters, lawnmowers, scythes, trimmers. All of these devices are designed for lawn care. A verticutter (or, as it is also called, a scarifier) ​​is intended to help with cleaning the lawn from a layer of last year’s grass, as well as with aeration of the soil. After processing the lawn with this device, free penetration of air, water, and fertilizers to the roots of the plants will be ensured, which will positively affect the entire lawn as a whole – the grass will be juicier and thicker. The principle of operation of a verticutter is to pierce the soil with cutting mills that have an adjustment of the depth of immersion. Lawnmowers, motocross, trimmers used for mowing and cutting grass. They can be electric, gasoline, or mechanical.


Chain saws – chainsaws and electric saws. The main purpose of chain saws is woodcutting. In a personal plot, they can be used to remove old trees and cut them, as well as to prepare firewood, for example, for a bathhouse or stove heating of a house. Compared to hand saws, they have a huge advantage – they significantly reduce labor costs and, as a result, accelerate the process.
Chain saws can be electric or gasoline. The advantages of electric saws – they do not emit exhaust gases, which means that you can use electric chain saws indoors. They are also characterized by high environmental friendliness and efficiency in comparison with gasoline saws. Disadvantages of electric saws: the presence of a cord, as a result, limited movement; lack of the ability to work in continuous mode – in order for the saw not to overheat, it is necessary to pause work.

In addition, chain saws are divided into: amateur, semi-professional and professional. The main criterion for this division is the duration of continuous operation, as well as the service life, measured in hours of work.

Hedge trimmers. Designed to trim shrubs and hedges. The main division of these devices is carried out by the type of knife. It can be one-sided, two-sided, and rod.

The knife of single-sided scissors has teeth on only one side, and therefore can only be used for processing straight sections of shrubs. The knife of bilateral scissors, respectively, has teeth on two sides, such scissors allow you to trim the bushes from all sides. Barbell scissors are characterized in that the knife can be extended if necessary. This feature of rod products provides the ability to shear a hedge at a height without the use of stairs. In addition, brush cutters are divided into providing precise cuts and rough cuts.

Choppers. This type of gardening equipment is intended for grinding branches, outdated plants, leaves, and weeds. After grinding, the resulting mass can be used for compost. Shredders are electric and gasoline. Electric ones are characterized by less power and are able to grind branches of a smaller diameter in comparison with gasoline.

Soil motor drills. The second name is gas drills. As the name implies, they are used for drilling holes in the soil (or in ice). Pits can be used to plant trees or to set up fence posts. Motor drills give a tangible advantage in the speed of digging holes and labor costs compared with digging with a shovel or other hand tools.

Whatever garden equipment you buy, it is important to remember that only a manufacturer with a good reputation can offer you a really high-quality, functional device that will justify the costs and make work on the garden and cottage site pleasant and easy. We recommend paying special attention to this, and then the purchase will be successful and pleasing.