15 Gardens For You To Make In Narrow Aisles

Most people would like to have a garden at home to be close to nature and relax enjoying its beauty. But not everyone has room for that. Sometimes, there is only a narrow corridor available.

The good news is that it is possible to make this corridor a small garden. Among the alternatives are hanging gardens, vertical gardens and narrow flower beds with all kinds of plants and flowers, as well as varied designs.

To prove that the result can be incredible, this book of ideas brings you 15 landscaping models for corridor and narrow garden areas. You will be in the mood to create yours immediately. Check out!

1. Landscaping for corridor with vertical garden


A corridor or narrow area is a perfect place for vertical gardens, as they save space. In the image above, the corridor at the entrance to the house gained color in the structure and life with the plants arranged in flower beds superimposed on the wall. 

2. Corridor with plants forming a hanging garden

Another possibility that does not occupy the passage area is to create a garden suspended in a wooden structure, like a pergola. All pergola pathways can receive pots with varied plants, especially plants that grow downward. On the walls it is possible to hang cachepots with more small species, making the environment very pleasant and welcoming. 

3. Narrow aisle with suspended sideboard

The garden can also be composed of several pots arranged on a sideboard suspended at half height. In the image above, the iron furniture worked with glass top created a romantic atmosphere. The small clay pots were also painted and placed on top of the wall. 

4. Long, narrow garden with climbing plants

The green corner in a narrow place and outdoors can be obtained by planting a vine, which must have a wooden structure as a support. Some vines are flowery and leave the place charming.

5. Potted garden on the balcony

Your small garden can also be concentrated on old furniture that is not in use, such as a desk. The pots form a delicate composition and are still easy to water. Other vessels can be arranged under the cabinet to fill the view. 

6. Vertical garden in a ready and discreet structure

The vertical garden is very versatile, as it can come in the most different formats and receive varied plants. The vase model in the image above is white, highlighting the green of the plants, and in a sinuous shape, which creates a movement in space. It is a lightweight model that you can buy ready-made, just needing to install it on the wall with practicality.

7. Garden in the corridor to the garage with cacti

An interesting garden can be made in a narrow corridor with several cacti of different sizes, colors and species. They just need a small flowerbed with earth and stones to create this modern look and full of personality. 

8. Landscaping in side corridor

If the side access corridor to the house is not that narrow, the garden can be created on both sides of the area. In the image above, the garden is discreet, with only bushes and low trees, in addition to the lawn that highlights the path.

9. Facade with flowery edge

A good idea is also to create a narrow flower bed on the facade, planting small, colorful flowers that will give the space a cheerful air. They may be accompanied by other small plants, such as the elongated green leaf moray used in the image above. 

10. Landscaping for hallway occupying the entire wall

If you choose the vertical garden, you can create a model that covers the entire wall or part of the height of the wall, extending along its entire length. In that case, you can play with the colors of the plants, as shown in the image above.

11. Corridor with discreet plants and lawn

Sometimes, just a very green lawn and discreet and delicate plants are enough to light up your corridor. The ideal is to place a concrete, stone or other resistant material in the center of it to protect the grass.

12. Corridor of flowers and small palms at the entrance

A more traditional style bed can be adapted to a reduced space and receive varied plants and flowers, depending on the light and humidity conditions of the place. It is certainly a solution that will bring a lot of life to the entrance of your home. 

13. Narrow garden with palm trees

If the corridor is narrow but has a corner, this can be the place for a little garden. There may not be enough space for leafy plants, but there is a wide variety of small plants that can be grown there. 

14. Concrete and gravel site

A masonry bed finished in stones can be a good solution for your entrance hall. In this model of the image, the little bouquets, mini palms and other small species were used as finishing.

15. Mobile flower beds

Finally, another very interesting idea for a narrow corridor is to set up mobile beds, which can be arranged in many ways and taken to other places. In the image above, these beds are square wooden boxes with flowers. 

Best plants for a garden in the corridor

The types of plants to choose will depend on whether your garden will be on the ground or suspended, how much space it has and whether they will be in the sun or in the leftover. It is important that you choose plants with similar needs when placing them to share the same space. Here are some great options.


As you have seen in some models above, cacti can be of varying sizes. But the main feature is that they can stay in the sun all day, except for specific types, and need little watering.


Like cacti, succulents need less watering, as they store water inside. As there are also many types, you can use them both in small and walled gardens, as well as in larger, floor-standing spaces. Also by harmonizing them with cacti that are also succulent.

Saint-jorge’s sword

This plant with elongated sword-shaped leaves is beautiful to have in a hallway garden that stays on the ground. Especially the narrowest garden models, because when they are placed next to each other, they were an organized row that perfectly fills the space.


This plant is in the style of the St. George’s sword, with even more elongated leaves, so it takes up more space. It is ideal for floor planters in a not-so-narrow space.

Mini palm trees

Palm trees come in a variety of sizes, including those that remain quite low in adulthood. These are great for composing a landscaping for a corridor that is not so narrow, because even though they are small, they need more space to take root.


Ivy is one of the most famous vines. It grows very fast and is ideal for covering walls or trusses on the sides of the house.


This beautiful plant is a type of shrub with small, round, drop-shaped leaves. It is widely used for hedges, so you can fill an entire corridor bed with it. The plant adapts well to varied climates, but needs good watering.


This type of plant is great to have in medium-sized pots. It has lush green leaves that grow on very beautiful upright branches. Perfect for mobile planters or pots. 

7 Creative Ideas For Your Backyard Walls

You probably never thought that your backyard walls could be a panel of original decorating ideas.

We are so used to the known that we don’t even imagine that something different could make the environment cooler and more fun. The walls can give a degree of personalization, which we notice even more in the outdoor spaces. Be amazed by this book of ideas and get inspired to decorate the walls of your yard.

1. Bamboo

Make your backyard wall smooth and white and add bamboo vertically to decorate it.

We cannot deny that planters are resources to make nature integrate with the backyard decoration in an original and organized way.

2. Trees

As you can see, the vegetation is a great ally that will help you bring the walls of the yard to life. In this case, you must be sure to find trees that grow quickly and can create your green wall, which will bring movement and joy to the walls.

3. Stone texture

As you become aware of the task you are doing, you will see how rewarding it is to work on decorating the yard. You can explore different textures to make the walls look more interesting and cozy.

The stones, with their texture, will give a spectacular movement and dynamism to the wall.

4. Vertical garden

As you saw in other previous articles,  vertical gardens are on the rise. There is an increasing tendency to let the magic of green cover the walls.

For small yards, to give volume and thickness, nothing better than giving freedom to climbing plants to adorn the space.

5. Volume

The backyard walls are like blank sheets that want your decorating ideas. For that, another recommendation would be to place concrete planters covered in stone that play with volume and asymmetry to appear more interesting.

The backyard walls are like blank sheets that want your decorating ideas. For that, another recommendation would be to place concrete planters covered in stone that play with volume and asymmetry to appear more interesting.

6. Lights

Not only will the textures and volumes cause the walls of your garden to change completely, but the lighting will also play an important role, especially in the night appearance. So, never neglect the lights and chandeliers you decide to put in this environment.

7. Water

The last suggestion for any wall in your yard is to bring the dynamism of the water as a resource for decoration. The intervention of this natural element brings not only visual benefits, but also a lot of calm and relaxation to the environment.