12 incredible garden designs to inspire you

1. Regardless of the space, format or chosen plants , a garden always brings joy and beauty to any environment. Reveals 12 incredible garden options designed by renowned professionals. See the models in the images and get inspired! 

2. Cheerful. In this project by the company Gigi Botelho Paisagismo, the idea was to integrate a small dining area into the garden of the house . Nothing like a family afternoon coffee surrounded by greenery.  

3. Diversified. Marcelo Faisal’s project mixes different types of plants, including some trees, and leaves the garden of this elegant residence. 

4. Shade and fresh water. A rest area integrated into the garden of the house was the idea of ​​the Perlla et Jr Decor office in this charming project.

5. Colorful. In addition to the green of the lawn and plants, this garden has the color of the cushions that decorate the sofas of the environment. The combination makes the garden even more cheerful. The project was signed by Marilia Veiga.

6. Symmetrical. For those who don’t have much space, this garden by Gigi Botelho Paisagismo managed to harmonize the pots with a beautiful flower bed. 

7. With personality. The trunk of an old tree is the attraction of this garden full of personality. The project is by Marcelo Faisal.

8. Functional. And who said that a beautiful garden cannot be designed in the passage of the house? This is the project of Julio Anjos Arquitetura.    

9. Harmonious. The bottom pool, the white stones and the green make this Roberto Riscala Landscaping project an incredible garden option. 

10. Illuminated. Garden doesn’t have to be beautiful just during the day. At night, with adequate lighting, it can be even more full of charm. Marcelo Faisal is responsible for the project. 

11. Stylish. How about a garden to make the entrance to the house even more elegant? This was the purpose of Zize Zink Arquitetura in this stylish project. 

12. Welcoming. Here the garden is part of the balcony decoration and makes the environment even more welcoming. The project is by Carico Arquitetura.