21 small, easy-to-make gardens

Do you have a small area on your land, next to the garage or in front of the house, in the middle of the lawn or inside the house that you want to transform into a beautiful garden and don’t know how? In this book of ideas, we present some examples of small gardens that you can make yourself in this corner of the house, outside or inside, to refresh and color this lifeless land on the corner in front of the window or next to the street or garage, so that you can invite friends to spend the day or simply have a cup of coffee on a spring afternoon next to the beautiful vegetation. Remember that there is no better advice than a  gardener, but you can continue your recommendations for creating wonders in your home. Come with us!

1. With a romantic path

In this area, paving was prioritized to enjoy the environment, placing pieces of clay that weave a charming braid. On the corners, shrubs with colorful flowers are delimited with pieces of clay and draw designs with yellow, white, red, and pink fringes. In the center of the paths, two fallen clay jars spill fresh grass over the ground. 

2. At the corner

For a sober and simple design on the corner of the yard, you can install two rectangular wooden boxes on a bed of sand or gravel. In these boxes with prepared soil, you can plant on the corner some palm or tree that does not require much water and fill the rest of the space with swords of St. John, earth lilies or grass. 

3. A small wood in front of the living room window

This beautiful garden delimits the view of the environment behind the glass. The design consists of delimiting an area using white river stones or marble stones. Behind this limit, a line of small bushes is planted in a light color and in a matte tone to give way to the contrast of the interior with plants of more intense colors and different greens until ending with small pines and palm trees. 

4. To cover installations

To cover the air conditioners, gas tanks, water heater or simply embellish the fence, a good option is the vertical garden, in addition to surrounding the machinery area with lilies of the earth, some small palmeniras and lawn with flowers . 

5. A walking garden

To greet visitors on the way to the house, a beautiful garden is an excellent alternative. With a symmetrical design, this garden has a central palm tree accompanied by two smaller ones on the sides, plus colored shrubs and yellow and pink flowers.

6. Low maintenance

In a corner of the yard, you can place a fence with small wooden poles and fill it with pink or yellow gravel. In this area, you can plant shrubs with a dry climate so you don’t need a lot of water or maintenance, like palm trees. 

7. Next to the garage

To delimit the garage and so that it doesn’t become an opaque and lifeless space, a small planter in the background lined with white pebbles and some lilies with red flowers works wonderfully. 

8. With little space

As a visual finish and to delimit an area of ​​the garden, barbecue or balcony, a set of wooden or clay flower beds with lilies is excellent against the brick or masonry wall. 

9. Something rustic

For a rustic style space, a recycled wood cladding with an iron frame will look great if you crown it with a long gardener also made from recycled wood in which you plant aromatic herbs, some dwarf shrubs with flowers, lilies and miniature roses. 

10. Facing a green wall

To integrate the green tones of the vegetation, nothing better than a light green wall that highlights the freshness of the plants. But you should not forget to also include shrubs with yellow, brown leaves, some maria-sem-shame or lilies with white or pink flowers. 

11. A colorful garden

You can use the garden area to make a vegetable garden and enjoy the plants that you will integrate. Plant in boxes some aromatic and edible plants like basil, parsley, coriander, mint and chamomile and enjoy their aroma. 

12. Basket of flowers

You can also arrange a cover of flowers of different shades on the lawn, preferably from the same plant. In a clay vat, you can place special soil and plant flower seeds, which you can expect to multiply for your enjoyment. 

13. An area to relax

Without many complications or ultramodern designs, this garden shows us the joy of simplicity. A backyard with gravel or compacted sand, surrounded by different types of shrubs: lavender, basil, some rose bushes, laurel, a rosewood in the background. They are plants that require little maintenance, provide shade and refresh. 

14. Explosion of colors

A desolate backyard can take shape and color with a border of flowers of different colors, ranging from light yellow to intense orange and wine, passing through pink, peach and white with lilac tones. You can place some vases here and there to add dynamism to the space. 

15. Something rustic and discreet

For a small balcony with a rustic touch, you can integrate old wooden or stone elements, concrete vases and unpainted wooden boxes, with some ferns of various types, a dwarf palm or a rose bush. 

16. Delimiting areas

Wooden planters are easy to make and very useful. You can build long pieces that accommodate the areas of the yard that you want to define and plant aromatic herbs or dwarf shrubs of various types. 

17. Vertical and linear

For an integrated balcony design with a garden, this alternative is exceptional: a bamboo frame with some hanging plants, vases on the walls, ferns hanging from a structure on the wall and a perimeter planter with palm trees and shade plants. 

18. Mysterious and simple

With a mysterious and seductive touch, this balcony creates a focus on space with a rustic wooden door hanging on the wall that serves as a base for several vases suspended with plants, as well as two tall vases with flowers and wooden paths to transit. 

19. A complete combination

Another option for a beautiful balcony or corner of the yard is to place vases on the edges and corners, a little in pictures on the walls, on some wooden wall at the edge of the area and perhaps a flower path with stone blocks. 

20. An indoor garden

Like a small conservatory, this indoor garden looks warm and welcoming. The idea is to place rectangular vases that delimit the view through the large windows and larger vases in the corners with trees like olive trees.

21. Succulents