At least 10 dead in Mexico fireworks market


    At least ten people have died and many more have been injured at a fireworks market in Mexico. An explosion tore through the market, senting huge plumes of dark smoke up into the air.

    According to National Civil Protection coordinator Luis Felipe Puente 60 people have suffered injuries at the popular open-air San Pablito market in Tultepec and source say there are at least ten fatalities.

    A 41 year old grandmother who had been at the market to buy fireworks said she fled the scene when explosions started going off around her, and thankfully found her daughter, son in law and three grandchildren in a nearby car waiting for her.

    Some nearby homes have also been damaged in the carnage, and people are being warned not to go within three miles of the market, because of the possibility that there may be further explosions. Officials say there is nothing to do other than wait for any unexploded fireworks to go off.


    The Mexican Red Cross has rushed ten ambulances and 50 paramedics to the scene to help attend to the injured, and take those badly hurt to hospital. Meanwhile fire officers continue to hose down smouldering spots in a bid to prevent any further fires or explosions.

    It is the second time in just over a decade that a fire has broken out at the market. In 2005, a blaze broke out, which set off a dangerous chain of explosions across hundreds of stalls. The market had been full of stock, ready to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day.

    Meanwhile, a similar blaze the following year at San Pablito Market also destroyed hundreds of staffs. Firework markets are set up to service a booming market in firecrackers and rockets for celebrating holidays, such as Christmas and New Year.

    The Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has tweeted that federal and state officials are coordinating efforts to help all of those wounded and affected by the incident in Tultepec.


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