Best Practices Of Internet Of Things Suggested By Federal Trade Commission To Businesses


Technology Giving Rise To Billions Of Sensitive Data

With each passing day, the amount of connected devices, collectively falling under the Internet of Things umbrella, continue to multiple. This has worried everyone from consumers to officials. The most worrisome thing is that cutting-edge wave of technology giving birth to billions upon billions of data — much of its quite sensitive, personal, and vulnerable. For Federal Trade Commission, Internet of Things is “devices or sensors – other than computers, smart phones, or tablets – that connect, store or transmit information with or between each other via the Internet.” While Federal Trade Commission acknowledged that the Internet of Things was helpful in smart home appliances and connected cars, there were potential side effects as well.

Danger Of Losing Consumers Trust And Confidence

The thing that is worrying The Federal Trade Commission is that the end result of all this can be negative. It can lead to the consumers losing their consumers trust and confidence on the Internet of Things. Therefore, FTC has put forward a slew of suggestions like additional employee training that includes tech security, having a plan in place for when security risks and breaches come to fruition, and building in security as a core component and  and developing it after a breach has taken place.

Ideas Pitched During Federal Trade Commission’s Internet Of Things Workshop

The advice and suggestions that were put forward by the technologists, academics, industry representatives, and consumer advocates were done at the Federal Trade Commission’s Internet of Things workshop. It had taken place at Washington D.C. in November. For now, the report and suggestions are limited to the IoT devices pitched to consumers. Chairwoman of Federal Trade Commission Edith Ramirez said that the guidelines will reassure the consumers and help the Internet of Things realize its full potential.

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