Brain Damage May Be A Reality In Later Life For NFL Players


Memory Impairment Issues And Cognitive Development May Form In Players

A new study revealed that Former NFL football players who had played tackle football before they had turned 12 are more susceptible to memory impairment issues and cognitive development in later life. The study said that the brains of children not developed fully should be kept protected and not hit repeatedly by playing football. As Julie Stamm, the lead author of the study said, “We found that even after accounting for the total number of years they [the former NFL players] played football, those who began playing before age 12 performed significantly worse on all tests we measured, suggesting that being hit in the head repeatedly through tackle football during a critical time of brain development is associated with later-life cognitive difficulties.”

Research Is Equally Applicable To Other Sports

The people used for the study were all NFL players and had played active football. That does not mean the others sports are very safe. The results of the study are equally applicable to other contact sports. That is not to say that children should not play sports. The aim of the study is to encourage sports while keeping the health and head of the children safe. The researchers themselves have not clearly implied that contact sports can surely lead to head injuries.

Students Interested In The Study

The study was shown to children and students and they said that they were quite interested in the finding. However, they were not sure how and what to do with the results. Many students were not surprised as it is taken for granted that contact sports will carry with it certain possibilities of injuries. What the students agreed on was that further research is needed for the finding to be established firmly.

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