British Prime Minister Theresa May U-turns on Brexit White Paper


British Prime Minister Theresa May has u-turned and said a white paper would be published on Brexit.  Her previous position stated categorically that this was not going to happen.

Under pressure from all opposition parties together with MPs from her own party, she stated the white paper will set out a “bold plan.”

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, demanded to know when the white paper would be published and warned the May was threatening to turn the UK into a “bargain basement” economy.

The demands for the paper came when the Supreme Court overruled the government’s challenge for triggering Article 50 without a vote going through parliament on Tuesday.

Since then, demands from all parties have escalated.

White Paper

The white paper will outline the Brexit plan in more detail and allow MPs to scrutinise and table motions to adjust the plans.  No party is planning to block the democratic decision to leave the EU, but it is thought that Labour will fight to amend it if it feels it is not in the best interests of the country.

Thursday Bill

A short bill is set to be published on Thursday with a view to be debated in parliament next week.  The bill is expected to pass as most Conservative MPs will vote in favour.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) and Liberal Democrats are particularly concerned over Brexit negotiations.  The SNP say they have 50 amendments “ready to go” and that they expect to be properly consulted over trade and customs union issues.

The Liberal Democrats have gone a step further than the other parties by saying that they will use their peer influence to block Article 50 being triggered unless the public has a final vote on the final deal Britain makes with the EU.

If enacted this could derail the whole process and set negotiations back for a considerable amount of time.

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