Carpenter Husband Cut’s Wife’s Throat for Nagging Him About Online Dating


On June 2nd, Carpenter Robert Rhodes, 43, murdered his wife, Dawn Rhodes, 38, slitting her throat as she in his own words “turned into the Hulk” after she had confronted him about his the online dating he had been pursuing.

According to Robert, his wife had attacked him with a knife as he turned his back in their house at Redhill, Surrey. The altercation was initiated after Dawn had revealed to Robert her knowing about his new relationship with a divorced woman from an online dating website.

Comparable to The Hulk

Robert compared his enraged wife to that of the green Hulk. According to Robert, he claims this wife had made some intimidating growling noises at him as she swiftly came running at him. Robert managed to grasp the knife out of his wife’s hands, and then cut her throat with it, causing a 13cm open wound.

Immediately after the incident, he claims to have rushed upstairs in his home and called 999, and sat there awaiting for the authorities to arrive. Once the authorities had arrived to his home in Wimborne Avenue, they witnessed Dawn Rhodes laying on the floor, face down, with a large pool of blood surrounding her.

As for Robert, he had been sent to the hospital where he was treated for the wounds he as well received to his head and to his left palm. Robert and Dawn were in an active process of filing for divorce, and were married for 21 years.

Robert stated that he found out his wife had an affair with a co-worker from last Christmas. Robert told the man she had been in an affair with, Michael Cullen, “Thank you for screwing my wife, and my life.” As of now, Robert claims he committed no murder towards his wife, and it was simply an act of self-defense.


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