Chagossians Beg to Return to Their Stolen Home


Residents from the island of Chagos are protesting over the UK’s agreement with the US over the extension of using the island of Diego Garcia for the use of a US military base.

As of this upcoming New Years, it will serve as the finale for the 50 year agreement that was set in motion.

However, the UK has approved for the US to use it for an additional 20 years, in which the Chagossians have regarded this as utter betrayal from their behalf.

Half a century ago the inhabitants of the main island of Diego Garcia, situated in the Indian Ocean, have fought back extensively when they were forced to abandon their homes to make way for a US military base to be constructed there.

The Past Has not Healed

Head of the Chagos Islanders Welfare Group, Frankie Bontemps expressed his overwhelming disappointment into the newly updated grant given to the US by the UK, stating that Christmas is meant to be a time in the year where individuals feel protected, loved, and at peace with their families and friends by their side.

However when this Christmas arrives, the only thing it sparks is the 50 year anniversary of their homes being robbed from them and their forcible abandonment from it.

Mr.Bontempts added as well in his statement that the Chagossians have been British citizens for over two centuries, yet they are considered as undesirables.

The Fight Goes On

The British government has stubbornly refused to accept the plea by Chagossians into being able to return to their homelands once again.

The Supreme Court however has stated last June that if the government continues to reject any possible chance for the islanders to return back to the Chagos Islands, then they will see to it that a legal revision over this matter will take place.

Campaigns have been launched in support to assist the Chagossians in regaining their rights in returning to their stolen lands as the 50 year plan had originally been set as the final date up until recent events permitting 20 more years.


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