Christmas with the Beckhams


They may be spending their Christmas in the sunshine. But, the Beckham family showed they were still sticking to their festive family traditions as they spent some quality family time together.

On Instagram, Victoria and David’s youngest son Cruz, 11, said he was enjoying spending time with his family, sharing a photograph of him with his father David. Footballing legend David was looking rather sleepy in the shot, perhaps the result of Christmas festivities.

Meanwhile, Victoria shared a image of a Christmas card designed by her youngest child Harper, five. The family will perhaps be listening to Cruz’s Christmas single, which he released for charity.

While the power couple were criticised for being pushy parents, they insist that Cruz himself wanted to make the foray into a music career. David and Cruz have recently shared a video of the pair of them singing the song, with Cruz looking embarrassed about his father’s singing attempts.


While some have praised Cruz for his adorable entry into the charts, others have said that the youngster is being pushed into show business by his parents. However, any criticism has clearly fallen on totally deaf ears as the family has continued to enjoy, and promote, Cruz’s single.

David has previously spoken about what a traditional Christmas in the Beckham household is like. He said that they were exactly the same as any other family; that they opened presents together, spent time together and had Christmas lunch together. The couple have been together for 17 years and are renowned for lavishing each other with gifts.

The footballer said that while people often asked him whether it was difficult to buy presents for Victoria, he said that because he knew her so well, he knew all the little things she liked and he actually found it relatively easy to buy gifts for his wife.



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