CIA Interrogator Says US Was Wrong in Accusing Saddam Hussein


John Nixon, a CIA analyst who interrogated the former dictator of Iraq expressed how off balance the US policy was in regards to him and Iraq in general.

Mr.Nixon mentioned several reasons just as to why the US military intervention and invasion of Iraq was completely irrational and plain wrong.

The CIA analyst added as well that their accusation towards the dictator for allegedly housing weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, was completely inaccurate.

Mr.Nixon claims that former US president George W. Bush strictly decided to hear on specific matters only regarding their military invasion, and refused to look at all the whole picture.

Amongst other inaccurate facts about Saddam Hussein other than his policies were also matters about his health, his personal life, and how he truly ran the nation of Iraq.

Saddam Hussein’s Interrogation

When Mr. Nixon interviewed the dictator, he asked him whether or not he had ever had an ambition of launching weapons of mass destruction against the United States.

Saddam Hussein responded to him by saying why would he or anyone else for that matter take hold and use such deadly weapons against others when no one else had even initiated such force against them to begin with.

Saddam Hussein also added that the prospect of using chemical weapons had never even been brought up to the table before.

More Underneath the Table

Mr. Nixon upon hearing Saddam’s response to his questions said it most definitely is not what he had anticipated during the interrogation sessions, since both the UK and the US government had precisely used the alleged weapons of mass destruction that Saddam had supposedly been harboring as the main rationalization for the Iraq invasion.

Saddam Hussein during the interview had told Mr. Nixon that they would never succeed in governing the nation if Iraq, and soon they would find what obstacles lay ahead of them.

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