Devastated mother bravely releases images of her daughter in a coma as a warning about the dangers of ecstasy


Sixteen year old schoolgirl Leah Robinson was placed in a coma after taking Ecstasy over the festive season. Now, her heartbroken mother has taken the brave decision to release photos of her daughter as she lies in her hospital bed in a bid to prevent other youngsters from facing the same situation.

Kerry Robinson has posted images to Facebook to show, in shocking images, the dangers of taking the Class A drug. The family’s nightmare began when Leah took what is believed to have been the illegal drug at a local party in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Medics have now placed her in an induced coma in a bid to save her life. The frantic mum said: “My daughter had a brain scan and put in a coma because she took Ecstasy. She is in a bad way. Please let there be a God and Leah be okay. I love her so much xxxx.” She then went on to issue a warning to other young people thinking about taking the drug, saying: “This is what Ecstasy does – please don’t take them.”

Now recovering

Another image showed that Leah had now been woken up, with her mum saying that she was talking to her family. She is now understood to be recovering at home. Mrs Robinson said that she did blame herself but then realised that “kids will be kids and try stupid stuff.”

The relieved mum said that Lead had also suffered from hypothermia, and was lucky to have received medical treatment fast enough to save her life. Mrs Robinson also said that she believed two other young people had been rushed to hospital as a result of taking ecstasy from the same batch. Greater Manchester police are now understood to be investigating the case and where the ecstasy came from.

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