Elon Musk Joins Trump’s Advisory Team, Despite His Criticism


Tesla Executive, Elon Musk, originally South African, who previously criticized Donald Trump’s victory in the elections, has just joined Mr. Trump’s team of advisories.

Previous Statements

Mr. Musk previously has remarked on Mr. Trump’s win by stating that it is not really the proudest moment for American democracy, also adding that Mr. Trump is “not the right man for the job.”

Mr. Musk was not worried about how Mr. Trump’s policies regarding business and the economy would affect the Tesla company, adding that Clinton’s policies and agenda regarding the environment and economy were to him the suitable methods for the nation.

Mr. Musk believes that Mr. Trump would not be the proper representative image to lead the United States. Later on today the President-elect is set to meet with the elites of Silicon Valley so as to discuss matters that possibly may affect tech companies in the United States after he is sworn in on January 20th and begins to implement his own policies.

Tech Meeting

Silicon Valley elite members from Apple and Facebook to name a few will discuss with Mr. Trump their concerns over his anti-immigration policies that he intends on putting to action once his term begins. Silicon Valley has previously supported Barack Obama during his campaign, along with Hillary Clinton as well.

An open letter was issued by hundreds of employees from tech companies in which they expressed their concerns over Mr. Trump’s plan to have Muslims as separately registered from the citizens, and the letter added that they stand with all immigrants and refuse to divide up their employees on any creed of religion, skin color, or lack of religion for that matter.

It stated that this letter is being sent so as to stand in solidarity with any citizen presiding in the United States who may be discriminated against by the new incoming policy by that Trump’s team.

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