Father who beat his baby girl so badly she will never walk says his ghost-like alter ego was to blame


A man with mental health problems who was imprisoned for beating his baby girl so severely that she will never be able to walk again has blamed a ghost-like “alter ego” for causing the injuries.

Twenty nine year old Rocky Uzzell has claimed that he was possessed by a “ghost-like person” following the birth of five week old baby Isabelle. The little girl suffered horrific injuries after she was attacked by her own father, which means that she will be wheelchair bound and will have to be fed through a straw for the rest of her life.

The claims, which have only just emerged, were made at a Family Dvision of he High Court, before Uzzell was sentenced. Mr Justic Keehan says he has decided to reveal the details as the case had now finished. He said that Uzzell’s alter-ego story was nothing but a ruse, describing him as “chilling”.

The judge said that Uzzell, from Kettering in Northamptonshire, had mental health problems and had suffered abuse as a child. He accepted that Uzzell might have created an alter ego as a coping strategy, but added that he was the one who had beaten little Isabelle in a sadistic attack.

Brain damage

The little girl, who is now almost three, suffered brain damage and a number of other injuries. Uzzell and the girl’s mother, 24 year old Katherine Prigmore were both jailed after pleading guilty to causing the baby serious harm, or having allowed her to suffer serious harm.

Uzzell was jailed for eight and a half years, while Prigmore was handed a 28 month prison sentence. The judge said he had not shown emotion or remorse while describing a catalogue of abuse, he said had been carried out by a ghost-like figure who did not want Uzzell to have a child.



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