Fears of Terrorist Attack in Marseille Alleviated


Reports are surfacing of two explosions in Marseille Park.  Although sources of the blasts are yet to be confirmed may feared it could have been another terrorist attack.

It appears, however, that the explosions could well have been sonic booms of jets flying overhead.

Around 1pm local time social media went into frenzy when residents of Marseille claimed there had been two powerful detonations.  Windows shook from the blasts although some on Twitter did say it was from a fighter jet’s sonic boom.

Local newspaper, La Provence, tweeted, “Many of you report an explosion noise heard at #Marseille. But firefighters and police report no intervention.”

This was confirmed by a French fire service spokesman who said, “We have also heard a blast but its origin is, for now, mysterious.”

A tweet from Tomas Thurogood-Hyde read, “Worrying reports about explosions in #Marseille. We will all hope this is not terrorism; #France has suffered too much already”

France currently remains on high alert due to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice.  Despite the panic of citizens it does appear that the most obvious explanation for the detonations is the sonic boom of an aircraft.

Recently, France arrested two more suspects in the Paris and Brussels airport attacks.  The two people one man and one woman are suspected of supplying false ID’s to the terrorists.  This allowed them to travel freely in France and Belgium to carry out attacks.

In the Spring France will elect a new president and many believe that far right Marine Le Pen may become elected.  She has a strong anti immigrant stance which is somewhat in tune with French feeling.

If it was a sonic boom it would have most certainly been caused by a French fighter flying at a fairly low level.  Passenger jets do not fly faster than the speed of sound.

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