Florida Keys May See The Release Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 08: An employee looks at a giant representation of a mosquito at the Darwin Centre, at The Natural History Museum on September 8, 2009 in London, England. The new GBP 78 million centre is a scientific research and collections facility that opens to the public on September 15, 2009. 200 scientists work in the new building that also contains the eight story 'Cocoon', which at 65 metres long is Europe's largest sprayed concrete curved structure containing the museum's collection of 17 million insect and three million plant specimens. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes To Be Targeted By Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

With the day for the release of the genetically modified mosquitoes coming nearer, the apprehensions and misgiving regarding the step is increasing. The apprehension is even more because people are not sure what the step is all about and how it will help to combat the mosquito borne diseases. The genetically modified mosquitoes may be released in the Florida Keys. Such experiments have been conducted in other countries and have been free from danger. The species of mosquitoes that will be targeted are Aedes Aegypti, which were introduced in America from Egypt. It has two serious diseases: dengue and chikungunya. Dengue can infect up to 100 million people worldwide each year.

Oxitec Limited To Work On The GMO Mosquitoes

The company that is to work on the GMO mosquitoes if the FDA approves the project is Oxitec Limited and they say that their aim is to have the tools they need to keep the numbers of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes down. The male mosquitoes will be released in the wild to mate with female mosquitoes. The resultant offspring will die young. As Communications Manager for Oxitec, Chris Creese said, “It’s true there are misconceptions causing some confusion,” “There are no diseases in the technology. This mosquito control method uses the mosquito as a tool to fight itself.” Several sources have also said that chances of the process backfiring are really low.

 Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Will Not Live Long As Well

While there is reassures coming from all quarters that there is hardly any risk to the human population living in Keys from the mosquitoes, there is no one who can clearly predicate the effects that the mosquitoes will have. Moreover, it was also said that the genetically modified mosquitoes and their off springs will not survive for long in the wild.

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