Four Dead in Palestinian Truck Attack in Jerusalem


At least four Israeli soldiers have been killed and fifteen civilians wounded when a Palestinian man rammed his truck into a group of people in a popular promenade.

The driver has been identified as a Palestinian from East Jerusalem.  He was shot dead by police.

The attack appears to have targeted officer cadets who were disembarking a bus in the Armon Hanatziv promenade.

The police have said that three women and one man were killed in the incident.  In Israel, no information is released to the public until the families have been informed about their deaths.

Roni Alsheich, national police chief, said that the attacker may have been influenced by the Berlin Christmas market attacks last month.  He said, “It is certainly possible to be influenced by watching TV but it is difficult to get into the head of every individual to determine what prompted him, but there is no doubt that these things do have an effect.”

A security guard told Channel 10 news, “In a split second I looked to my left and saw what I can only describe as a speeding truck which sent me flying.

“It was a miracle that my pistol stayed on me. I shot at a tyre but realised there was no point as he has many wheels, so I ran in front of the cabin and at an angle I shot at him and emptied my magazine. When I finished shooting, some of the officer cadets also took aim and also started firing.”

CCTV footage shows the truck racing towards the soldiers.  Scenes of fleeing soldiers can be seen.  The most gruesome part of the attack was not shown, and the truck seemed to reverse back over the soldiers.

Emergency services treated around fifteen people who were injured.  Around 37 Israeli and 2 Americans have been killed from Palestinian attacks over the last 15 months.

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