George Michael’s Lover Reveals Unknown Details of the Singer


Fadi Fawaz, George Michael’s boyfriend, has just disclosed several more facts about the singer’s last night prior to his death. Fawaz claims that Michael had apparently fallen asleep in his car, and that he had not even seen him on the same night he died.

George Michael’s lifeless body, who died at 53 years old on Christmas Day, had been found at his home situated in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

According to Michael’s publicist, he stated that as of now there seems to be no signs of evidence for any suspicious context surround the celebrity’s death, and the authorities have stated that further examinations regarding the autopsy report must be conducted, as till now they have referred to the cause of his death as “inconclusive.”

Fawaz’s Shocking Sight

According to Fawaz, he claims that as he was about to wake up Michael for a Christmas lunch, he had realized that he had died on his bed.

Fawaz also claims that his Twitter had been hacked into, in which several tweets had apparently been sent out with regards to claiming that Michael had allegedly had a history of self-destructive behavior and actions.

False Tweets

Fawaz repeated more than once that he had never sent such tweets after Michael’s death, and stated that his account had been hacked, but that now his Twitter account is closed. “I did not send those tweets. I woke up at 11:30 am to the news,” Fawaz said.

The tweets had made claims on Fawaz’s behalf that suggested Michael’s cause of death could have been due to his own self-inflicting and harmful actions.

Meanwhile, Michael’s former longtime lover Kenny Goss reacted to Michael’s death and stated that he is completely heartbroken and shattered by the horrible news he received, adding that his “dear friend and long-time love George Michael has passed.”

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