Global Warming Results in Bird Species Disappearing in the UK


A few bird species are vanishing in regions of the UK due to an increased over farming some regions which hinders the birds capabilities in being able to adapt to the warmer temperatures.

According to the recently conducted studies, dragonflies and butterflies seem to be progressing and doing far better compared to the drastic decline in some species of birds however.

Areas that indulge in rigorous crop farming such as Southeastern England along with Eastern Anglia have seen a vanishing of some species such as willow tits, meadow pipits and willow warblers, which usually prefer rather cooler climates and were not able to catch up and adapt to the change in climate imposed on them.

Could Get Bigger

The man who has been leading this new study from the University of Reading, Tom Oliver, stated that “birds are facing a double-edged sword from climate change and declines in habitat quality.”

Mr. Oliver added to this worrisome matter as well that in regards to the bird species within the UK, they are finding it extremely difficult to be able to endure the change in climate, and this goes especially for the type of birds that rely on cooler climates, who have been suffering and vanishing as a direct result of severely changing climates.

Can’t Deny It

Principal climate change expert from Natural England, Mike Morecroft, states that at this point there can be no further denial about the detrimental effects that global warming has been inducing on wildlife, as the effects of it have all been properly documented and recorded.

Meanwhile another member from the team of researchers Simon Gillings declared that this is not a hopeless case however, as they may create far more areas of natural habitat in order for wildlife to thrive in without interruption from farming, and would aid wildlife species in dealing with the alternating change in climate.

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