Google Employees Urged to Return to US After Signing of Executive Orders


Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google issued a memo towards the employees of Google who had been travelling outside of the United States to rush back immediately after President Trump set forth his new policies.

The policy being his temporary ban on citizens from seven countries that consist of a Muslim majority population.

Pichia remarked on this matter by saying that it is extremely heart breaking to witness how his colleagues will be seriously affected by this executive order.

Although six of the seven countries have received a ban from entering the United States for a span of 90 days, those coming from Syria are said to be permanently banned.

Taking Effect Immediately

Several horror stories have emerged from people who were not permitted from entering onto flights bound to the US and others had been held at the customs section once they had landed within the country.

The executive order does not only limit refugees from entering the United States.

It also affects residents from the seven countries from entering the country along with preventing US legal nationals who travel abroad from being able to reenter the country.

Google and Their Families

Google did not confirm that they urged their staff to return immediately to the US to the Guardian.

However, they expressed the extent of their troublesome worries regarding the safety and security for their staff along with families of their staff who are affected by this executive order.

Google went on to add that such restrictions would severely hinder any potential talent and skills from being able to contribute to the US.

Reports have stated that at least 100 employees from Google as of now were affected by the recent order as they were travelling abroad.

Pichai states that about 187 of their staff come from the seven nations that were included in the travel ban.

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