Gravy Burns Leads to KFC Paying a Fine of Almost £1 Million


The worldwide fast food chain of KFC has been asked to pay a fine of about £1 million after two of their employees apparently had been burnt due to handling hot gravy without the use of gloves.

The Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard that in 2014 and 2015, a 16 year old boy along with another woman had been hurt on separate occasions due to KFC’s improper safety wear.

As a result KFC have been requested to pay up a fine amounting to £950,000 along with an additional £18,700 of costs after they allegedly confessed to being in violation of health and safety regulations.

How Can This Be?

According to KFC Limited, they claim that every year they invest a budget of over £7.5 million in order to ensure that health and safety regulations and measures are carefully implemented.

According to the reports, the 16 year old boy had apparently endured a serious case of gravy burns at the KFC branch in Teesside Park back in July 14th of 2014.

The woman had also suffered burns at the branch located in Wellington Square back in December 1st of 2015.

Their Mistakes Represent Yours

The Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard that after the incident of the woman being hurt, officers from the environmental health association had paid a visit to the restaurant.

They found that the employees in the branch were struggling to find any additional protective gloves for each staff member to have.

The environmental health officers also claim that when they went into the restaurant, basic health regulations and procedures were not being implemented.

Violations and breaching of standard health measures were not being carried out according to the officers. KFC confessed that these accidents rarely occur, and added that their staff members had indeed failed to follow certain regulations.

Councilor Steve Nelson stated that as a wide reaching food chain, KFC has a duty and responsibility to ensure all of its employees receive the proper training and to prioritize health and safety measures for all of their staff.

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