Hero ex Army medic disarms knife-wielding man threatening a mother and children


    A hero ex Army medic came to the rescue when he spotted a man with a knife who was threatening a mother and children outside a supermarket.

    Kevin Taylor had headed to the shops at Morrisons in Greater Manchester, along with his wife Bernie, when he saw a woman shouting at a man who had a knife. The former armed forces member sprang into action without a thought for his own safety to disarm the man until police got to the scene.

    Mr Taylor slid over a car bonnet, forced the knife from the man’s hand and pinned him to the floor until emergency services arrived to take over. The brave father of two said he had been concerned about the woman and children. The 35 year old, who has a blue belt in jujitsu, added that he had been totally overwhelmed by the response to his actions because he didn’t think about what he was doing at the time – he simply reacted.


    He said he was sure lots of people would do the same thing, but he wouldn’t want anyone to put themselves at risk in a similar situation. Mr Taylor’s wife has said how very proud she is of him, posting on social media that he would always be her hero.

    A spokesperson for Morrisons said that staff were very grateful Mr Taylor had been there to assist when the incident took place in the supermarket car park. Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Police are urging anyone who has information about the incident, or what may have led up to it, to get in touch.

    Detective Sergeant John Coleman of GMP’s Oldham Borough said that it was thanks to Mr Taylor that the woman and children walked away from the incident completely unhurt. He asked anyone who saw the incident to call the police force.

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