How mother of tragic Katie Rough called 999 to report her missing before finding her dying near playing fields


    The frantic mother of seven year old Katie Rough called police to report her missing before the schoolgirl was found dying near playing fields. The little girl was stabbed in the neck with a Stanley knife and died after being rushed to hospital.

    Currently, a 15 year old girl has been charged with Katie’s murder and is being held in a detention centre. It has now been revealed that her worried mum Alison Rough, 38, called police to report her daughter missing, saying that she had not seen her for around three quarters of an hour. However, at that point, Katie was already lying with injuries to her neck and chest and an emergency call had already been made from the scene of the attack.

    A fundraising campaign has now been launched to help little Katie’s heartbroken family, and had already reached more than £16,000 in just 48 hours. The total is now standing at £20,000, and counting, way past its original target of £1,000.

    Fundraising campaign

    More than 800 people have donated money, as well as sending their thoughts and prayers to Katie’s family. The campaign was started by local resident Maggie Jackson. The 15 year old suspect has already made her first court appearance, which was attended by Katie’s grandparents and other family members. The teenager is yet to enter a pleas to the charges against her, but the court was told by prosecutors that the seven year old had suffered from serious injuries to her neck and chest, which had been caused by a Stanley knife.

    Katie’s parents Alison and Paul did not attend the court hearing. While they had been together for some time, they had only just got married and Katie was a bridesmaid at their wedding. Tributes have poured in from around the country, including from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who said in the House of Commons that the whole house sent “heartfelt condolences” to the family following the tragic death.


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