Infant Believes to have died from Drug Overdose


Jason Chambers, 27, Chelsea Cardaro, 19, and 5-month-old Summer Chambers were discovered dead Thursday in Kernville, around 60 miles east of Pittsburgh. Cambria County coroner Jeffrey Lees said that the guardians had been dead for about a week when the revelation was made. The newborn child passed on three or four days after them, he said.

Jason Chambers was found on the primary floor, and Cardaro in a moment floor restroom, powers said. The newborn child kicked the bucket in her bassinet in a moment floor room, they said. Toxicology tests are pending for the grown-ups however authorities said heroin overdoses are associated and there was confirmation with medications at the scene. Head prosecutor Kelly Callihan said Friday that she trusted that the man and lady kicked the bucket close to each other.

“We surmise that on the grounds that, if not, either would have called for help,” she said. The family was most recently seen on Dec. 11. Neighbors trusted they had taken an arranged trek to New York, where they had lived up to this point. “It’s a tragic occurrence where they both conceivably overdosed in the meantime – and being from away, not having anyone around the local area – it was too ache for anyone to notice that they were missing,” said Johnstown police Capt. Chad Miller.

Mill operator said crisis responders had been called to the home in November to treat the man after an overdose. Kid welfare specialists later went to the home and met with the mother and father, with the child introduce, she said. “They looked at the house, and it was proper to a tyke living there. There was a lot of nourishment and the tyke appeared to be well dealt with,” she said.

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