Is this the grossest movie ever made? Film audiences walk out in disgust


Film goers have left a cinema at the Sundance Film Festival in disgust, during a screening of Kuso, the first movie from the musician Flying Lotus. The movie is made up of four different vignettes about people who survive a huge earthquake in Los Angeles.

However, reviewers said they could not stay to watch any more of the disturbing scenes. Those who saw it have labelled the movie the grossest in film history, and a 93-minute nightmare. One described disgusting scenes, including shots showing an erect penis being stabbed, adding that the whole movie theatre walked out.

However, the director, whose real name is Steven Ellison said reviewers exaggerated and that around 20 out of a total audience of 400 decided to leave. He also said that he had attempted to warn people about the contents of the movie.


Some of the disgusting scenes include one of a man having sexual intercourse with a boil on a woman’s neck, genital mutilation, and a huge cockroach in a man’s anus. There is also a scene in which a person eats soup infested with maggots.

Reviewer Suzanne Mayer said that audience members had been told before the movie started that they were in for something unusual. However, clearly, they did not realise how extreme the film was, and a number decided they simply could not stay. One audience member said people had been getting up to leave one by one.

Mayer said the movie was a nightmare, although she added that there was more to the director than simply providing shock value. Fellow reviewer Chris Verge agreed but said it was impossible to find a deeper meaning as a result of all the gore and shocking scenes. He said that making sense of the movie would require a repeat viewing, and he did not think that many people would have the stomach to view it again.

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