Janet Jackson Gives Birth to First Child at 50


Janet Jackson, 50, has just announced the birth of her first child and son Eissa al Mana as of last Tuesday.

Jackson’s representative announced to the public that both Jackson and her husband Wissam Al Mana were ecstatic in announcing the birth of their first child, and says that Jackson’s delivery for the child proved to be completely healthy and stress-free.

Wissam, 42, a businessman from Qatar and Jackson had both stated last October that they were to be expecting a child quite soon, and Jackson says she thanks God for this wondrous opportunity.

It Was Expected

White Jackson was performing on the tour of “Unbreakable” last April, she had shortened the tour as she announced in a video she had recorded for the fans that both her and her husband have decided they require more focus and attention regarding family, but of course this specific family she was regarding to was the family she intended on creating herself as she was already pregnant by then by little less than a month.

In the video announcement Jackson told her fans that she believes they should be the first ones to know that her and her husband were planning on making a family of their own, which has forced her to cut the tour short.

A Terrific Mother

Jermaine, 62, Jackson’s older brother and famous musician himself stated that he is quite sure his younger sister will serve as an amazing and caring mother, which should be a rather truthful statement coming from experience of him having nine children of his own.

“I can’t wait to see how this baby is going to look,” Jermaine said, adding that the reason Jackson would be an outstanding mother is due to the fact that she is extremely strong minded and tough, which would serve just right for the child’s upbringing.

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