Latest Star Wars movie set to take $300 million at the box office despite boycott calls from Trump supporters


Any new Star Wars movie is always met with much hype and anticipation. And, Star Wars Rogue One is no exception, with estimates suggesting it will rake in more than $300 million at the box office worldwide this weekend.

Cinemas are expected to be packed out despite a campaign launched on social media which urged filmgoers to boycott the move because it is perceived to be anti-Trump.

So far, reviews for the Disney episode have been mixed and Rogue One is not expected to do as well at the box office as The Force Awakens, which arrived in theaters last year, taking a staggering $2 billion.

However, cinemas are prepared for huge numbers of movie lovers. Odeon alone will be hosting 600 screenings at midnight on Thursday, despite the #DumpStarWars campaign on Twitter. The social media campaign was launched because of claims that Rogue One features scenes which are anti-Trump and portrays the galactic Empire as some sort of white supremacist organisation. The Twitter movement is a play on the #DumpTrump campaign which started as the President-elect campaigned.


Back in November, screenwriter Chris Weitz posted a photo of the Rebel insignia, following Donald Trump’s surprise win, with a safety pin through it in a bid to show solidarity with minorities, women and immigrants.

The movie stars Felicity Jones heading up a brand new cast. It follows a band of rebels who come together to resist Darth Vader’s plans to dominate the galaxy. While it is a prequel to the 1977 movie A New Hope, it is a standalone story and Star Wars bosses hope to gain a new generation of fans.

Rogue One already has impressive advance ticket sales, and many reviews have been positive. The Chicago Sun-Times has praised action scenes and spirited performances, while Screen International said it was a gritty movie than other Star Wars films. However, the New Yorker wrote that Rogue One was “lobotimized and depersonalized” compared with its predecessors.

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