Man Detained in Connection with Berlin Truck Attack


A Tunisian man has been detained by German authorities suspected of being involved in the Berlin truck attack.  Federal prosecutors have not confirmed his identity but have said he was detained following a search of his home and business.

It is understood the suspect’s phone number was saved in the phone of Anis Amri, who is believed to have driven the truck into the Christmas market and was later gunned down in Milan.

During the attack on the 19th December, twelve people were killed.  Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the incident and released a video of Amri pledging allegiance to the Isis leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

German prosecutors have until Thursday evening to determine if they have a strong case against the suspect, in which case they can apply for a formal arrest warrant.  It is believed they are trying to determine whether Amri had a support network that helped him carry out the attack and leave Germany.

Amri’s nephew and two other men have been arrested in Tunisia suspected of being part of a terrorist cell, but it is unclear whether this is in relation to the Berlin attack.

Investigators are still unclear on the route Amri took from Berlin to Milan.  According to the French press, Amri boarded an overnight bus in the Dutch city of Nijmegen and travelled to Lyon in France.  Wim de Bruin, from the Dutch public prosecution service said, “We believe he was in Nijmegen, most likely last Wednesday.

“There are video images and it’s very likely him.  It’s most likely here where he received a sim card.”

Amri was shot dead in Milan when he opened fire following a routine identity check.  A train ticket from Lyon to Milan via Turin was found.  How Amri was able to leave Berlin and reach the Netherlands remains a mystery.

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