Man in Akron Retrieves Stolen Valuables


    After a thief had stolen a package with irreplaceable items from Kyle Barron’s doorstep, with the help of the Akron Police, has gotten his items back.

    Thieves had been stealing packages left on doorsteps to homes this holiday. However Kyle Barron’s package had irreplaceable items in his packages, including items of his recently deceased parents.


    According to Barron, he had lost both his parents within the span of a year and a half. His mother died around Thanksgiving, and he and his brother went through their family home in Oregon to package photographs, and special family items, including his father’s ashes in three boxes.

    They shipped the boxes by U.S Postal Service to Barron’s home in Akron. However, after they were delivered on Wednesday, they were nowhere to be found. It had been known that thieves in the areas have been stealing packages from doorsteps in the holidays. However, these particular packages were irreplaceable.

    Police Report

    Barron then filed a police report. He also turned to local media appealing for the thieves to return the items undamaged, “no questions asked.”

    “That’s kind of a touchy subject because obviously I would love to see anybody who would steal people’s purchases or belongings, you know, brought to justice for doing such a thing. In this case all I wanted was my irreplaceable stuff back and if I had to promise that I wouldn’t press charges or say anything or do anything I would have held to that,” said Barron.

    “It’s been extraordinarily taxing. My wife and I have had a couple of long evenings really upset crying about it because, you know, it’s– especially my dad’s remains– the thing that was tearing me apart was knowing that they could be in a landfill; they could be at somebody’s house; they could be sitting somewhere in a trash can and it was tearing me up inside,” he continued.




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