Mother of Missing Son Worried About Possible Reasons for Disappearance


David Puckett, a six year old boy has gone missing ever since the night of New Year’s Eve, and his mother has expressed major concerns regarding what might have happened to her son.

The authorities have regarded disappearance of Puckett as a matter of “at risk” since it was revealed that young Puckett has a learning disability.

The hunt for the young boy has been called off two nights in a row at the moment, and the last sight of him was around 5:30 pm last Saturday around the Olympic Park in Aurora, Colorado.

The mother has notified the authorities that he was wearing black boots, a black jacket, and a set of camouflage pants.

Help From All Directions

The FBI, the Aurora Police Department and 200 other people presiding from the Denver Metro region have volunteered to assist in the search for the six year old boy. Search teams were scattered all over from the Chambers and Yale intersections.

Don Marucut, a resident from Denver who has volunteered to assist the struggling mother in the search for her son, stated that “If it was one of our kids, we would want help,” as he says that he was aware of the matter after volunteers had been requested for via Facebook.

Empathy for the Mother

Don, along with his wife Ashley stated that they too have endured a similar situation before as well, as their daughter had roamed around one day and went missing.

Don and Ashley say they absolutely identify with the harsh and worrisome feelings that the mother is currently going through when it comes to a parent losing sight of their child.

Search teams also have used a helicopter in order to aid in the faster discovery for young Puckett, and Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz remarked on this widespread search by saying that “This is one of those things where time is really of the essence.”

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