Muhammad Ali’s Letter to Nelson Mandela Bought by Collector


A historic letter that Muhammad Ali had written and sent to former South African president Nelson Mandela has just been purchased at an auction located in Devizes for a price of £7,200.

The letter’s contents included Ali expressing his sympathy and condolences for the death of an alleged formerly anti-apartheid leader and figure in South Africa.

The letter was signed by the famous boxer and was written back in 1993, written by a personal assistant for the general manager of the hotel Ali had been presiding in at that exact time. The hotel was called the Elangeni Hotel, situated in Durban.

Andrew Aldridge, an auctioneer stated that this letter had been expected to be sold at a price between £6,000 and £8,000, eventually being sold to an American collector.

Contents of the Letter

Along with the condolences Ali had stated in the letter to Nelson Mandela was also an explanation as to why his full name was incorrectly spelled by the personal assistant at the hotel.

The assistant eventually was the one who went on to sell this historic and valuable letter. Mr. Aldridge stated that this letter truly serves as a historic piece in regards to sensitive and important topics such as apartheid and the political results stemming from it, adding that it serves as a truly important piece of memorabilia within history.

Who is the Anti-Apartheid Leader?

Chris Hani was assassinated on April 10th 1993, and had served as the chief of staff for the African National Congress (ANC) armed wing.

Hani was described as a vigilant, courageous and powerful figure in regards to his ongoing determination and struggle in fighting the apartheid oppression at the time, eventually being killed by an extremist from the far-right just outside his home.

Muhammad Ali arrived in South Africa just merely at a time when the nation had been in a vulnerable phase for an impending civil war.

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