New Year’s Terrorist Plot in Sydney Exposed


A 40 year old man, Damien James O’Neil, has been taken into custody by the NSW Police Force Terrorism Investigation Squad at the international airport of Sydney due to alleged threats he had posted online regarding the New Year’s celebrations.

Frank Mennilli, the Acting Deputy Commissioner, has stated that as of now he cannot further explain the matter anymore as all the details regarding it belong strictly for the courts to make of it what they find appropriate.

O’Neil had apparently posted several intimidating and threatening remarks on social media about specific violent plots he had said he would commit on the upcoming festivities for New Year’s.

No Risks Taken

Several items such as hard drives and other relevant documents had been confiscated by the authorities at a house situated in Chippendale and from a storage facility in Sydney, as the authorities had searched them high and low for any potential items that would assist the case. O’Neil has not requested till now to be released on bail, and his arrest and accusations have been brought to the Local Court of Parramatta.

Just a Hoax?

O’Neil has been scheduled to appear again before court on January 10th, and Mr. Mennilli has stated that no evidence of any sort had been found against O’Neil in being affiliated with any type of cults, religious groups, or any other type of terrorist organizations for that matter.

Mr. Mennilli said that the charges O’Neil had received for not of a terrorist offence, but rather for a Crimes Act offense.

The Deputy Commissioner went on to assure the public by saying there is no real threat anymore from the man in custody, and perhaps later on the charges against him may change or increase, and the investigation is still in its pre-mature phase, so all further details will be revealed soon.

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