NYC Rail Crash; Hundreds Injured


A train has crashed into the end of a  platform at Brooklyn transportation hub in New York.  The train was a Long Island Rail Road, packed full of rush-hour passengers.  When the train hit the platform, passengers were knocked to the floor or crushed against one another.

According to authorities, the train was moving slowly and hit a bumping block in Atlantic Terminal.  The train left the track and smashed into a work area structure.  The floor of a train car was pierced by rail.  The crash happened at 8.30am local time.

Around a hundred people were treated for minor injuries.  As many passengers were preparing to disembark they were standing up.

One person at the station at the time of the crash, Steben Medina, said, “The entire structure started shaking. I thought a bomb had gone off or something.”

The most serious injury seems to be a broken leg, although some passengers were dazed, limping, or suffered head injuries.

The train was carrying 450 passengers when it crashed.  It began its journey form Far Rockaway section of Queens.

Donette Smith, speaking to The New York Times, said, “People just went flying. It was very scary.”

While another passenger, Audrey Foster said, “I sort of slammed into the folks who were facing me.”

Investigations into the accident by The National Transportation Safety Board have commenced.

Thomas Pendergast, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman, said, there is “a signal system that controls it coming in at limited speeds. But when you’re getting to the end it’s the locomotive engineer’s responsibility. And the train’s brakes have to work. All those things have to be looked at in the investigation.”

This incident follows a much worse incident in New Jersey last September.  There a commuter train left the track killing a woman who was standing in the station.  Federal Investigators are looking into the bumpers, and whether the ones involved in this incident were outmoded.

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