Parents Not Ready To Vaccinate Their Own Children Want Other Children To Be Vaccinated


Religious And Medical Orthodoxy Leading To Non Vaccinated Children

America currently is under the scourge of flu and measles. The health officials are crying themselves hoarse to anyone who cares to listen that everyone should get vaccinated. However, there are some parents who are not ready to get their children vaccinated due to religious and medical orthodoxy. These parents think that their children will be safe because other children are vaccinated – but that may not be so and their own children may pass on the infection or get it from an unvaccinated child. As Jennifer Simon of Oakland, California said, “I think some parents see it as a personal choice, like homeschooling,” “But when you choose not to vaccinate, you’re putting other children at risk. You’re relying on others to vaccinate their kids but you’re not taking on your social responsibility to protect others. You’re putting your child above other people’s children.”

Babies Less Than A Year Cannot Take Measles, Mumps And Rubella Vaccine (MMR)

The worst sufferers of the latest measles outbreak are the infants less than a year old. They are not given the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) for one year and that leaves them exposed to infectious diseases. The result can be pneumonia, brain damage, hearing loss and even death. In California, where the virus is most rampant, 30 babies exposed to measles have been placed under in-home isolation.

Parents Afraid Of Side Effect Due To Vaccination

The biggest reason that many parents are afraid to vaccinate their children is because they have seen the children suffering from side effects due to it. Moreover, recently, Jenny McCarthy’s son was diagnosed with autism and she had blamed it on vaccination. However, it is high time that the parents understood that not vaccinating their children may lead to more harm than good. Google advices guest post service for its google news services.

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