Petition in the UK Calls for Trump to Not Visit


Just after U.S. President Donald Trump signed the controversial executive order that limits refugees and banned Muslims coming from seven specific countries, outcries have been pouring from all over.

One such outcry from the UK is calling for a stop on President Trump’s visit to the country.

Jeremy Corbyn, a Labor leader, stated that it would serve as nothing less except to be “totally wrong” if Trump were to visit the UK throughout this year.

As of now a petition has been made that has received well over 200,000 signatures. Such a high amount would mean that the matter would be a topic of interest to be examined at Parliament.

Don’t Let Him In

President Trump first announced that he would be visiting the UK without a set date once British Prime Minister Theresa May had visited the United States.

Mr. Corbyn added that President Trump’s visit to the UK would be completely upsetting and disappointing, adding that if the immigration ban is still enforced, the matter look far worse.

“I think he has to be challenged on this,” Mr. Corbyn stated, adding that he would be extremely disapproving of Trump’s visit so long as the travel ban exists.

Disgraceful Visit

Meanwhile Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats shared his own sentiment on the matter.

Mr. Farron supported the stopping of Trump’s visit and said that any visit that would be approved in the UK for Donald Trump “should be on hold until his disgraceful ban comes to an end.”

Mr. Farron adds that if Trump visit, then May would be putting their Queen in a difficult position to endure if she were to welcome a man who has imposed bans on citizens of the UK strictly due to their religious faith.

The visit would prove to have contradicting views and images regarding British values.

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