“Place Tip” Launched By Facebook To Improve Its Service


New Features Enables To See Friends Photos Of Same Location

Thursday saw the introduction of a new feature from Facebook. The social media giant launched a feature called Place Tips and its function is to offer location based recommendation to the users. The tool will display posts and photos of users’ friends who visited the same place. In case you are visiting a place and want to know more about it, then you just have to go through the news feeds of friends who have been there. The list of friends will be given by Facebook.

Users Can Hide Location From Friends If They Want

Facebook added another feature that enables the users to hide their location from their friends in case they want to do that. The feature is set to appear on top of the home page of iOS users with a name “Place Tips”.  As soon as users tap on Place Tips, it will begin to show cards of millions of locations. The only drawback is that users will have to give Facebook access to their location in order to get benefits from Place Tips. The new tool will make use of cellular networks, Facebook Bluetooth settings, GPS and Wi-Fi to find the exact location of the user.

“Place Tip” Currently Available In New York Only

The new feature is just going through a trial run right now. The whole Facebook community has not been included in it and only some major important cities of New York can avail of the facility. Hence, visitors of Central Park, Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge would be able to view notifications. The biggest impact that will be seen from the new feature is on the cell phone users. It is believed that many firms will be falling over one another to advertise there.

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