Possibility Of Rape Charges Being Faced By Bill Cosby


Outdated Charges Do Not Mean That Charges Are Not Feasible

The allegations of sexual assault that has been levied against Bill Cosby are more than a few decades old. That however, does not the dissolve the gravity of the charges that have been framed against the comedian aged 77. Till date, around 13 women have come forward with rape allegations against him. His attorney Martin Singer has denied all the rape charges, but he may face charges at least in New York.  As Robin Wilson, who is the Law professor at University of Illinois College said, “There are no statue of limitations in New York when it comes to first-degree rape,” “You could be 100 and they could still come after you.” In California or Pennsylvania however, there is a statute of limitations of 10 years.

Prosecution Lawyers May Still Have An Uphill Task At Hand

According to Singer, the accusation date back to around 50 years in some case and the long time and lack of physical evidence will help Cosby in case of prosecution. He also said that even if the women had come forward the next day, the physical evidences would have been no better because some of the drugs used by Cosby wash out the next day. It will also be quite difficult to prove that the women were not in a position to resist when the incident occurred after so long.

Power Of Money Can Come Into Play

Other than all these possibilities, there is also the fact that a star had the money to dispose on the best legal facility. The money would let him settle the lawsuits just as it was done in 2006. Cosby’s only response was that he did not believe in responding to innuendos.

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