President Obama Shows Appreciation to NASA


President Barack Obama showed his appreciation and thanked NASA for taking to Mars an aluminum plaque that has his signature on it through a NASA rover. A move like this would far exceed any legacy President-elect Donald Trump has yet to make in the near future.

NASA’s Mars rover Twitter account called @MarsCuriosity last Thursday displayed a photo in which it showed Obama’s signature on the aluminum plaque, Joe Biden’s, as well as other officials from the United States.

The Twitter account tweeted “Signed, sealed, delivered. I carried @POTUS’s signature to the surface of Mars.”

Space Influence

The rover has currently been discovering and scouting the red planet of Mars for what is now to be its 44th day, and the photo of the signature was captured by the rover’s distinct lens.

President Obama expressed his delight upon such an event and tweeted back to NASA by telling them “That is out of this world. Thanks.” Obama will be leaving the office within the next five days, as President-elect Donald J. Trump makes his way into it and is sworn in on January 20th.

The aluminum plaque was placed on the rover using four different big bolts in order to assure its safe transportation, and the plaque is composed of anodized aluminum.

A Space Tradition

Apparently other similar types of aluminum plaques baring other signatures which include that of the current president as well his vice president have ornamented the platforms for the space agency’s so called Spirit and Opportunity remote controlled rovers, which made their first official landing on the red planet back in January of 2004.

According to NASA, the primary objective to be carried out by their rovers is to acquire data and information regarding the rocks and the soil that are situated on Mars. The advanced lenses provided on the rover aid in high resolution images to be taken.

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