Revealed: The huge amount Donald Trump has raised for his inauguration celebrations


Donald Trump’s celebrations when he officially takes office on January 20 should be spectacular if the money raised is anything to go by. His official Presidential Inaugural Committee has managed to raise a whopping $90m, which is almost as much as outgoing President Barack Obama spent on both of his ceremonies together.

So far, committee members have refused to say exactly how the cash will be spent. However, the amount raised is enough to pay for celebrations similar to those enjoyed by Mr Obama almost twice over. In 2009, Mr Obama’s officials raised $55m, while for the second ceremony, welcoming him back into office, it was $43m.

However, while Mr Trump’s team has raised far more, it is understood that they have been struggling to find singers willing to perform at the ceremony, because many do not agree with his politics, or were outraged when the scandal hit revealing the President-elect’s derogatory comments about women.

No circus

Mr Trump is also said to be determined that his inauguration won’t feel like a circus as he prepares to recite the traditional 35 word oath to his country. Tom Barrack, who is in charge of the inauguration event, said that Mr Trump wanted a sensible “back to work” mindset to be evoked during the ceremony.

However, Steve Kerrigan, who was in charge of Mr Obama’s committee in 2013, said $90m seemed like too much to him. He questioned why Mr Trump’s officials had continued to raise money when they already had such a large amount, as well as how they were going to manage to spend it. Mr Kerrigan added: “We planned the two largest inaugurations in the history of our country and we never spent anywhere near that.”

While Mr Trump has refused to reveal what is happening on the day, he has said the ceremony will be “very elegant” and will attract large crowns.

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