Rottweiler Dog Found Tortured and Cruelly Abused


In Michigan the animal welfare authorities have been conducting a search to find those who were responsible for the brutal torture of a Rottweiler dog.

The dog had been sighted around Livernois and Warren, situated at the southwestern region of Detroit.

According to the Michigan Humane Society, they claimed that they had been contacted by someone last Tuesday who was concerned and had noticed that the Rottweiler’s ears as well as nose was cut off completely.

The MHS stated that upon this call, they had rushed to the location and once they sighted the tortured Rottweiler, they had brought it back for proper treatment.

The veterinarian staff then examined all of the severe injuries of the dog and had worked on making it feel at ease.

Heartless Abuser

The MHS released the photo they had taken of the brown Rottweiler in which it revealed the horrible abuse the dog endured with both its nose and ear cut off.

Apparently the dog had also had its tail and back legs slashed and severely wounded as well.

The MHS have announced that they plan on rewarding anyone who has information regarding the whereabouts or identity of the abuser with $2,500.

A Voice for the Dog

Mark Ramos, an investigator into this matter stated that whoever carried out this act had done so deliberately, adding that the dog deserves justice as it had endured excruciating moments of suffering.

Mr. Ramos then added that such abuse can and will never be tolerated and is treated with utmost seriousness. “We need to be a voice for these animals,” Mr. Ramos said.

As users on outlets of social media had saw the shocking photo of the dog, several have inquired to MHS about whether or not the animal can be adopted.

The MHS replied by saying that at this point due to the critical injuries it has, they have yet to know when that day may arrive.

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