Russia to Be Hit With More Sanctions from US


President Barack Obama’s administration has stated that they intend on imposing further sanctions on Russia before President-elect Trump’s administration begins on January 20th.

The sanctions would serve as a retaliation for the alleged cyber hacking the Russians have been accused of regarding intervention with the US elections and apparently assisting Donald Trump to come out on top.

Relations with Russia and the US have already been unstable for a while now, as the US previously had set sanctions on Russia regarding their role in the Ukraine conflict.

Rivalry Between Republicans

Donald Trump on the other hand has ignored and criticized such claims by the US regarding the disruption of the US elections by Russia, and has announced his praising of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

However, Lindsey Graham, a well-known Republican senator, who has always disparaged Mr. Trump and has a harsh and firm stance regarding Russia, announced in Latvia that the US would thoroughly look into the matter of Russian hacking in the US elections.

Mr. Graham added that 99 percent of them all can be quite assured that Russia indeed had played a role in the disruption of the US electoral results, adding that further sanctions in the future will not only hurt Russia, but specifically Putin on a personal basis as well.

Hit & Run

According to the Washington Post, the White House have already almost reached a final closure on the increased sanctions against Russia, but have not yet responded about this issue as of now.

The last few weeks of President Obama and his administration will serve to strike back against Russia in full retaliation for their hacking over the elections, and Mr. Trump has declared that he intends to diminish all imposed sanctions against Russia once he is sworn in, along with even stating that he might even recognize Crimea as part of Russian territory as well.

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