Same Sex Couples Rushing to Marry before Trump is Sworn In


The LGBT community have expressed their concerns and worries over Donald Trump’s policy that he might possibly enforce which could ban same sex marriages.

Several have said such a banning is unlikely to occur in the first place, but in the meantime several same sex couples are rushing to marry their partners quickly before the Trump is sworn in as president at the inauguration.

Alicia Verdier and Erin Hansen are just one couple who have been planning to get married ever since the legal approval of same sex marriages in 2015 by the United States Supreme Court.

Verdier and Hansen have been together for four and a half years, and once Hillary Clinton had lost the election, they were panicked with the possibility that marriage might not be possible for them under Trump.

A Gift for Trump

Verdier states that several other gay people have been getting married ever since Trump won the election.

“Whatever else Trump may think he’s done, he’s caused a lot of gay people to get married,” Verdier says.

Verdier added that as part of Trump’s big gift for his inauguration ceremony, he will be getting a huge wave of gay people just getting married right in front of him.

Just in Case

Ever since the victorious result of Donald Trump from the U.S. elections, same sex couples have been rushing to the aisle in order to get married to their significant others, just in case.

The press secretary for the Campaign of Human Rights, Stephen Peters, says that he has definitely heard way too many stories up to now about same sex marriages being rushed out of fear for Trump’s America.

Sean Winterhalter, 32, a hair dresser who is married to Lee, says that who knows in the year of 2017 as it unfolds if a new policy could surface which declares that their marriage is void and could possibly retract all same sex marriages.

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