San Antonio Mall Robbery Ends Ferociously


Local authorities of San Antonio have stated that an attempt in robbing a jewelry store at a mall last Sunday resulted in an escalated form of aggression.

According to the authorities, a man had attempted in preventing the robbery of the store that took place at the Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio. The man was then shot and died of his wounds.

Five others were said to have been injured by the two men who were robbing the store, and have been hospitalized.

William McManus, the police chief of San Antonio described this entire matter by referring to it as a “robbery gone really, really bad.”

A Good Samaritan

The investigators in the matter have stated that two men had tried to rob the Kay Jewelry store.

As both of the thieves had made their escape, two civilians approached them. As one of the civilians attempted to get the two men, he was killed due to gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, another civilian who had possessed a firearm with a legal permit shot one of the thieves who was getting away.

A Veteran Hero

The man who was shot and killed has been identified as Jonathan Murphy, a 42 year old Marine that had been retired.

Apparently Murphy and his wife had paid a visit to the store in order to clean their wedding rings at the time of the scene.

McManus expressed his frustration on this matter by saying that this serves as the second incident in which a “good Samaritan” had been killed due to attempting in preventing a crime.

The local authorities have confirmed that the second suspect who fled the scene and continued to shoot at witnesses that were around the scene had been taken into custody.

The suspect that was shot was hospitalized and has been in critical condition, according to reports.

McManus has announced that the Rolling Oaks Mall was placed on a temporary lockdown last Sunday and people had been safely escorted out of the mall after the incident.

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