SeaWorld to Stop Further Killer Whale Shows Indefinitely


Orlando’s famous and renowned SeaWorld’s Tilikum, an orca has died after suffering an illness for over a year.

SeaWorld has stated that the official cause for the orca’s death has yet to be revealed and will take some time, but veterinarians state that it had been suffering with a prolonged case of bacterial lung infection for quite some time.

SeaWorld stated that Tilikum was 36 years old, and that the orca had faced what all other older animals face inevitably at some point, which are severe health conditions.

SeaWorld has been under heavy pressure and received several public criticizing statements for the past while now regarding their orca shows, and SeaWorld has just announced that they have decided to put a permanent end to their orca shows as of now.

Following Their Word

Joel Manby, the SeaWorld CEO stated on “CBS This Morning” last year that he vows to permanently cease the killer whales performances, but several had been skeptical to such a statement, believing these words were simply said to silence the public for a little while.

The theatrical killer whale shoes have served as San Diego SeaWorld’s most prominent and famous celebrities, and for several decades now the killer whale performances have served as SeaWorld’s largest income.

Times Are Changing

Carter Evans, CBS News correspondent asked what it is that will be changed given this recent decision. Vice President of theme park experience design, Brian Morrow, responded by saying that given this recent decision by SeaWorld, the fountains, the unique set of musical performances, and the unique performance conducted by several instructors will all be shoved aside from SeaWorld.

Evans says this move comes after years of severe criticism from animal rights activists who protested against SeaWorld’s cruel and unacceptable treatment towards the killer whales, which as a result has caused a large decline in the selling of tickets for the orca shows.

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