Shotgun Wielding Man Seized at a Bookies Store


Authorities surrounded the Coral bookies store situated in Jarrow, near Newcastle, Tyne and Wear as a man wielding a shotgun had attempted to rob the store, and held four hostages captive.

Reports state that several police vehicles had awaited the man outside the store and six armed police officers were involved in tackling down the situation at hand, as the entire dilemma had lasted for about three hours.

The man had attempted to flee the scene but had been caught up by the authorities who were waiting for him outside and was arrested on the spot.

Newspapers had been used to cover up all the windows of the Coral store and a police helicopter had been flying all around the region on Sunday evening.

Run but You Can’t Hide

The authorities had been notified about the attempted robbery right before 6 pm, and the police had ultimately resorted to tasing the man instead of shooting him with live ammunition as soon as he was seen getting closer to the door of the store.

Three of the hostages that had been confined in the store had been set free by the man in the evening and at around 8:45 pm the authorities did their best to negotiate for the release of the last fourth hostage still in the store.

Shotgun Not Enough

After all the hostages had been set free, a 39 year old man wielding what turned out to be a sawn-off shotgun had been taken into custody by the Northumbria authorities.

Stephen Dixon, 41, a resident from the area stated that the area of the incident is usually really quiet and calm, and so when he had heard commotion and yelling taking place down in the street, it had served as a rather peculiar event to take place for such a peaceful and calm region.

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