Sisters Miss Their Father’s Final Moments Due to Being Removed from Plane


Two sisters were kicked off of a flight from Allegiant Air as they were bound to visit their father who was dying.

Airport security considered the sisters a threat to the flight as they had been trying to comfort each other regarding the inevitable death of their father which was soon to come.

Debbie Hartman and Trisha Baker were heading to Asheville, North Carolina from DeLand, Florida.

Their father had been undergoing hospice treatment and Baker claims that she had received a message while aboard the plane in which it said that their father could pass away any moment now, in which she then went to Hartman to tell her about it.

Last Moments

Baker says she was terrified upon seeing the message, and then one of the flight attendants had approached her and requested for her to go back to her seat.

Baker then got into a verbal altercation with the flight attendant, requesting from her to sit next to her sister in order to offer some comfort, and explained to the flight attendant that their father was dying at that moment.

Hartman started to cry excessively upon hearing the message and had gotten a panic attack soon afterwards.

Rules Are Rules

Baker then responded again and exclaimed “Our father is dying, you’re being rude and you need to show some compassion.” The attendant then replied emotionlessly and told Baker that her personal problems need to be left “off the plane.”

At that moment more comments had been tossed around back and forth, and Hartman stated that she had a strong feeling by then that neither her nor her sister would be seeing their father that day.

Hartman said to the attendant that she should consider changing her profession if she is unable to show any compassion to anyone.

The attendant reported the matter to the pilot, who then notified the authorities and both sisters were kicked off the flight.

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