Sisters Who Vanished for More Than 30 Years Found in Texas


Authorities from Rhode Island have announced that they located two sisters had been reported as missing back in the year of 1985, along with taking into custody another non-custodial guardian that was wanted for allegedly snatching both children.

The two sisters, Kelly and Kimberly Yates were apparently snatched by their actual mother while in Warwick almost 32 years ago.

At the time of the sisters’ disappearance, Kelly was just over 10 months old, and Kimberly 3.

At the moment, Kelly is 32 years old, and her sister 35, upon their discovery by the Rhode Island authorities.

Alive and Well

All of the three members were discovered to be living with the same identities whilst presiding in the area of Houston.

According to reports, both Kelly and Kimberly were said to be in good physical and mental health.

Last Tuesday the authorities concluded that they discovered the sisters’ who had vanished decades ago, and they had received assistance on the matter through a tip from someone whose identity has not been disclosed.

Choose Wisely

The officials stated that the father of the sisters, Russell Yates, was delighted and joyous upon hearing of the news of his children being discovered finally.

The Rhode Island State police say at this point it is up to both Kimberly and Kelly so as to deciding on whether or not they choose to be reunited with their father.

Back in 1988 the authorities had issued a felony warrant against Elaine Carolyn Yates, the mother of both sisters’ due to her not having official custody over her daughters.

Elaine was arrested by the authorities and considered as a fugitive who abducted both of her daughters.

Elaine had been charged with two counts on child snatching once Russell had earned official custody over Kelly and Kimberly in 1988, and the authorities had conducted a search for Elaine.

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